ESGEye screening

In an inspiring display of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the committed team at EyeCare Hospital has conducted an eye camp spanning the Meemu Atoll’s islands. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining optimal eye health while delivering vital eye care services to residents of all ages.

The camp took place in Maduvvaree, Dhiggaru, Muli, and Mulah, in partnership with local health centers and hospital. By teaming up with these facilities, the camp ensured that residents had easy access to eye care services.

The main goal of this initiative is to encourage people to prioritize their eye health and understand the importance of regular check-ups. Alongside comprehensive examinations, medical professionals and assistants provide education to residents on early detection and treatment of eye issues, including the diagnosis of diseases.

Collaborative efforts ensure universal access to quality eye care. These initiatives extend beyond immediate vision improvement, emphasizing the maintenance of long-term ocular health.