ESGeye checkup

In a concerted effort to promote community health and well-being, EyeCare collaborated with the Hulhumale’ Community Development Society (HCDS) to organize an impactful eye screening event on Friday, 25th August 2023. The event, specifically tailored for the residents of Hulhumale’ Hiya Flats, proved to be a resounding success, leaving a positive mark on the Hiya community.

The collaborative event aimed to address the crucial need for regular eye check-ups, often overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. The residents received comprehensive vision screenings with consultations that spanned a range of assessment, that not only identified existing visual issues but also helped to catch potential problems at an early stage.

The success of this eye screening event highlights the potential of community-driven initiatives to positively impact individual health. By uniting local resources and expertise, EyeCare and the HCDS showcased the power of collaborative efforts in creating a healthier, more vibrant community.

Through initiatives like these, the community takes a step closer to a future where well-being takes center stage, reaffirming EyeCare’s unwavering commitment to promoting the overall well-being of the community.